For Corporate Donnors

Civil Society Development Foundation’s mission is to help where help is needed and to do so effectively and transparently. Following our mission, we establish long-term partnerships with private and corporate donors.

Why become a partner of the Civil Society Development Foundation?

  • You will engage in partnership with one of the oldest and most trustworthy foundations in the Czech Republic which has supported over 7 000 projects with a total amount of 1,8 billion CZK during the 25 years of its existence.
  • You can participate in socially responsible projects and support a good cause.
  • You can help us set people in motion.

How can your company get involved?

  • You can financially support our organisation and make our acttivities possible.
  • You can financially support our charity Help the Children and support the disadvantaged children in the Czech Republic.
  • You can support our activities in the form of shared marketing.
  • You can organise a fundraiser or a benefit event in your company to support one of our charity projects.
  • You can involve your employees to support one of our charity projects.
  • You can become our volunteer or support us with your know-how.
  • You can order a service from our portfolio, e.g. administration of a fund or consultations in the field of philantropy and corporate social responsibility.
  • You can become our media partner.

Questions about sponsorship or ways to get involved?

Contact us to e-mail: or phone (+420) 227 217 211


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