Early Intervention for Children

Early Intervention for Children is a grant program of Nadace rozvoje občanské společnosti (NROS), funded by the VELUX Foundations. Its aim is to help vulnerable and disadvantaged children up to 18 years of age within the Czech Republic.

The goal of the entire project was to ensure that disabled children and children endangered by socially pathological occurrences have the ability to grow up in a natural environment of a caring family or a foster family – essentially avoiding placement of endangered children into institutional care. Early intervention leads to better ways of helping the children as well as the families in fulfilling this goal. The intent of this program was to extend the availability of services as part of the priority areas, to strengthen the capacity of the service providers in the priority areas as well as to strengthen their expertise, while supporting cooperation across specialized institutions.

For more information visit www.vcasnapomocdetem.cz/en.



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