Our Foundation

The Civil Society Development Foundation (Nadace rozvoje občanské společnosti – NROS) has over 24 years of a “career” behind it, ranking it among the oldest and largest non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic. From the time it was founded all the way to this day, it continues to fulfill its mission: to develop civil society and the Czech non-profit sector. Over the course of its history, it has successfully supported more than 7 000 projects with over 1.8 billion CZK.

NROS belongs to some of the most active grant foundations established after 1989 in what is now the Czech Republic. Through funding from grant programs, itcsupports projects which help vulnerable and disadvantaged groups of people, encouraging human rights, democratic values or other activities that revitalize people’s interest in local development and public life.

The foundation develops its own charitable and socially-responsible projects. One of the key target groups for NROS are children and young people who it supports through specific programs. Further, it constantly strives to promote and develop education and raise awareness in the non-profit sector as well as to ensure its constant professionalization.

With its partners, NROS builds long-term and meaningful relationships focused on supporting vulnerable target groups, encourages philanthropy and donations as well as socially beneficial projects and activities. It also provides expert consultations and analyses.

“We set people in motion”

The vision of NROS is a society of responsible, active individuals who on their own or as a part of voluntarily created alliances actively influence public affairs, strengthen democratic principles, civil rights and freedoms, advocate tolerance, show solidarity and support to one another.

The mission of NROS is to support the civil society organisations and in partnership with them to contribute to this vision. NROS accomplishes this role by financing, interconnecting, educating and providing professional guidance to organizations and individuals, because it believes that these are the necessary conditions that enable permanent building of democratic values, both in national and European context.


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