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Since its establishment The Civil Society Development Foundation was the catalyst for many projects with the objective of supporting the NGO sector and civil society in the Czech Republic. Here you can find information about the most important finished NROS programmes.

The Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations (the NGO Fund)

The Fund for Non-Governmental Organisations (the NGO Fund) was administered by NROS and the Environmental Partnership Foundation (Nadace Partnerství). EEA/Norway Financial Mechanisms represent a contribution of Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway to reducing economic and social differences within the European Economic Area (EEA) and strengthening bilateral relations with its 15 member states. Supporting the civil society is one of the key priorities of the EEA Funds in 2009–2014.

The Programme focuses on strengthening civil society and supporting bilateral cooperation between the donor states and the Czech Republic. In addition, the Programme shall contribute to mitigating regional differences in activities of NGOs in the Czech Republic, to capacity building and professionalization. Czech NGOs interested in developing of bilateral cooperation could get financial resources for bilateral activities via the Fund for Bilateral Relations. As part of this activity, contracts totaling 4 542 203 CZK were successfully

Between 2014-2016, Czech NGOs concluded contracts for their projects in two request waves, totaling 256 514 445 CZK. The support was granted to the 231 non-profit projects.

The overall Programme results for each of four priority areas including the bilateral fund were summarized in the brochure “The Fund for Non-Governmental Organizations 2009-2014“. Four documentary movies were finalized in 2016 introducing the programme results and also providing insight into a select few supported projects.

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Operational Programme Prague – Adaptability

In 2010 the Civil Society Development Foundation (NROS) succeeded in the Operational Programme Prague – Adaptability (OPPA) with its project “Implementing educational modules of NROS employees to improve their professional capacity, adaptability and competitiveness on the labour market”.

The aim of the project was to enhance professional qualification of current NROS employees, to improve quality and productivity of their work in the Foundation, and to provide for their future career and adaptability on the changing labour market.

Four educational modules (group courses, profile courses, specialization courses and vocational internships abroad) were implemented as part of the project. Participation of NROS employees in all training activities was evaluated and consequently a NROS Methodological Plan of Training and Education was developed. The project was financed from the funds of the European Social Fund and from the budget of the Prague City Hall.

Young Entrepreneurs Support Network

The project leader of Young Entrepreneurs Support Network was Polish Foundation for the Development of Polish Agriculture (FDPA). The project was carried out in partnership with the Italian Unidea Foundation, Vidiecka organizácia pre komunitné activity (VOKA) in Slovakia and NROS in the Czech Republic.

The purpose of the project was to create an international network that would pursue issues of unemployment of young people and their transition to the labout market. The network was established in 2008.

Global Grant

The Civil Society Development Foundation has administrated 1% of the EU Global Grant in the period 2004-2006 within two grant schemes, “OP RLZ” and “JPD 3” (in total amount of 4, 22 million EUR in OP RLZ and 1,17 million EUR in JPD3).

Global Grant focused on building capacities, enabling long-term sustainability and better quality of services provided by NGOs. The beneficiary NGOs carried out activities aimed at the support and integration of disadvantaged people endangered by social exclusion. The objective of Global Grant was to improve their chances for education and employment.

Transition Facility

The Transition Facility programme was created by the European Commission for the new member states in order to support the areas in which their administrative and institutional capacity had been insufficient in comparison with the old member states. At the same time, it also focused on areas which could not be financed from the Structural Funds.

The programme was scheduled for the period 2004-2006. Funds for individual projects were running until 2009. The total amount of resources available for the Czech Republic under this programme was EUR 35.8 million. Some of the funds administered by NROS were reserved for grant schemes for NGOs; all other resources of the Transition Facility were intended for public administration. NROS supported a total of 118 projects with EUR 4.904.287,44 over six calls in the civil society sector.

Foundation Investment Fund and compliance with our obligations towards the National Property Fund of the Czech Republic

Between 1999 and 2007 NROS received 83,845,000 CZK in total through tenders as part of the Phase I and II of distribution of funds from the National Investment Fund. In compliance with the agreements of transfer of funds obtained through sales of shares and intended for the Foundation Investment Fund signed with the National Property Fund of the Czech Republic NROS transferred these funds to its endowment fund. Until 2006 NROS implemented a Human Rights programme with the proceeds from its endowment fund, distributing 8,554,663 CZK in total via grants financing NGO projects between 2001 and 2006.

In 2007 NROS stopped its special Human Rights programme financed from the proceeds of its endowment fund. Nevertheless, NROS followed the Amendment no. 2 to the Agreement of transfer of funds under the Resolution No. 413 of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic to distribute funds obtained through sales of shares for the Foundation Investment Fund in Phase I, and the Amendment no. 6 to the Agreement of transfer of remaining funds under the Resolution No. 413 of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic to support foundations in Phase II. The Article V, Clause 3.4 of these Amendments states that beneficiary of the Foundation Investment Fund shall distribute funds from its endowment fund amounting to at least 0.5 of PRIBID interest rate for the previous calendar year.

The obligatory amount to be distributed (0.5 average PRIBID in 2006) was 1,045,039.10 CZK. In 2007 NROS complied with its contractual obligations pursuant to the above-mentioned Agreement via the Help the Children! project (public collection). For the purposes of the Foundation Investment Fund the total of 2,183,274 CZK was distributed in a public tender to selected non-governmental non-profit organizations (civic associations, public benefit organizations and non-devotional church-based organizations).

Make a Connection

Make a Connection was an international programme of NOKIA which was initiated in 2000 and ran in twenty-two countries in the world. Its aim was to support young people’s iniciative in projects which had the potential to bring about positive change in communities. In the Czech republic, the project was carried out in partnerships with NROS. Make a Connection Programme finished in March 2011.


The main objective of EU’s PHARE programme was to prepare and support the joining of the Czech Republic in the European Union. From the very beginning in 1993 NROS has implemented several EU PHARE programmes focused on the development of Czech society. Phare 2003 was the most recently implemented programme.


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