Other Activities

Grant Program to Support Plzeňský Prazdroj, a. s. and Pivovary Topvar, a. s. Communities

Plzeňský Prazdroj, a. s. has been supporting socially beneficial organizations in regions within which it operates. In 2016, it began cooperation on the mentioned grant program along with Fórum dárců (Donor forum) and The Civil Society Development Foundation (NROS). Together, they supported a total of 25 NGO projects totaling 4 500 000 CZK in three regions: Plzeň, Nošovice and the Lada’s Microregion. Support was focused on supporting projects concerning revitalization of public spaces in Plzeň, protecting natural resources in the Beskydy Mountains and community development in Lada’s Microregion. Its aim was to cater for specific needs of the regions where it operates.

The aim of the project was also to support the professionalization of NGOs in those select regions. During the ceremony where donations were handed over to the program winners, the public was able to support their projects of choice by voting and therefore allowing them to obtain grants to support their internal capacities. NROS is primarily responsible for grant administration, guaranteeing and evaluating grant mechanisms, preparing documentation for the evaluation committees and concluding contracts with select organizations. Finally it also evaluates the results of the supported projects.

Contribution From Innogy Česká republika a.s.

In 2016 Innogy Česká republika a.s. again made a donation to develop civil society, perform activities beneficial to the society, implement projects focusing on social projects, health care, sports and environmental projects and projects developing the cultural and social life in towns, cities and regions. Innogy Česká republika a.s. allocated through NROS contributions to various activities of NGOs in all of the Czech Republic. Applicants sent their proposals to Innogy Česká republika a.s. or participated in the Companius employee programme as part of the corporate social responsibility of Innogy Česká republika a.s. NROS administers projects selected by the donor.


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