Send a DMS for Help the Children

DMS is the acronym for Donors Message Service and it is an easy tool for supporting a good cause. DMS is used for small financial donations to charities and it contributes to the development of individual philanthropy.

You can send a DMS from any number administered by Czech telephone operators.

A one-time DMS

Send the keyword “DMS KURE 30” or “DMS KURE 60” or “DMS KURE 90” to the phone number  87 777. One DMS costs 30 or 60 or 90 CZK, Help the Children charity will receive 29 or 59 or 89 CZK.

A year-round DMS

Send the keyword “DMS TRV KURE 30” or “DMS TRV KURE 60” or “DMS TRV KURE 90” to the phone number 87 777. Every month 30 or 60 or 90 CZK will be automatically subtracted from your account, Help the Children charity will receive 29 or 59 or 89 CZK.

Donor Message Service is operated by Czech Donors Forum, for more information visit


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