Čerych Villa

Villa Čerych is a listed building donated to the Civil Society Development Foundation by the Čerych brothers in May 2001. Today, the Villa serves as an educational and cultural centre (called Developing Centre Česká Skalice), carrying with it the will and legacy of Čerych’s brothers, while supporting the mission of NROS.

The Art-Deco building and its garden belong to a cultural treasure of pre-war Czech architecture. The recently deceased former Czech president and playwright Václav Havel chose Villa Čerych as a setting for filming his latest play, the drama “Odcházení”.

Operators of the civil association Developing Centre Česká Skalice organizes programmes focused on cross-border cooperation, regional development, rural regeneration, professionalization
of the non-government sector employees and support of the local community. NROS as well as the other organizations can use the Čerych Villa for implementing regular civic society seminars, conferences and highly presentable actions.

In February 2013, NROS initiated a public collection to renovate and maintain Villa Čerych and its adjacent garden as a cultural heritage, the public collection account is 505333572/5500 (as certified by the Municipality of Prague Ref. No. S-MHMP/58245/2013, 59572/2013 dated January 30, 2013). The money collected shall be used to renovate and maintain Villa Čerych and its garden, to support educational activities in the Villa in order to develop the civil society and non-profit sector in the Czech Republic, and to support European and cross-border cooperation and activities developing democracy and human rights protection.

The Fund of Ladislav Čerych and Jan and Jiřina Steinsky-Sehnoutka is an integral part of the Civil Society Development Foundation (NROS). It was established in 2005 thanks to Ladislav Čerych’s initial donation of 3 000 000 CZK. In 2012 the Fund received a donation of 55 000 CAD (i.e. 1 084 959 CZK) from Mrs. Georgina Steinsky and was renamed as the Fund of Ladislav Čerych and Jan and Jiřina Steinsky-Sehnoutka. The Fund aims to support the development of civil society and non-profit sector in the Czech Republic, European cooperation and activities in local and regional development.

Civil Society Workshops

NROS has been organizing Civil Society Workshops in Villa Čerych since 2004. The workshops deal with the role of civil society and various current issues. They have a form of discussions between leading figures from the political and academic circles, NGOs and state administration.


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