CSR services

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is most commonly defined as a process of voluntary involvement in social or ecology aspects of day-to-day corporate policies and interactions with various stakeholders. These can be clients, suppliers, investors, its own employees and members of the local community. Sometimes it is also referred to as corporate citizenship.

CSR entails a set of principles which the company abides by to ensure that business is ethical in the broadest sense.


  • Consultation and supervision of incorporating CSR policies into the management system (creation of CSR strategy).
  • An offer of CSR activities from the Foundation or developing a strategy of corporate philanthropy and volunteering “tailor-made” to the expectations of the partner.
  • Professional consultations in the fields of philanthropy, donations, volunteering and the NGO sector.


  • Competitive advantage over those companies without a CSR concept.
  • Improving the reputation and credibility of a corporation in the eyes of the society, investors and important stakeholders.
  • Strengthening positive relationships and motivation with employees.
  • Improving relationships with the local community.
  • Easier acquisition of business partners.
  • Internal and external enrichment of the company by engaging in meaningful activities


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