Establishing a donor fund

As part of our portfolio we offer companies, individuals and groups the option of setting up a donor fund.

A donor fund allows for the realization of a philanthropic vision and is suitable for partners who wish to develop, improve or otherwise benefit the society but do not have experience in this field. They may not be sure who they wish to support or do not have the time and capacity to ensure that their visions are met. In contract to a non-specific donation, the fund allows for various level of donor involvement and continuous oversight of the funds and the rendition of its goals. NROS will contribute by providing expertise and understanding of the Czech NGO environment in order to effectively fulfill the visions of individual donors.


  • Advisory services required for the establishment of the donor fund
  • Option to establish a donor fund
  • Partial or full management of the donor fund with the ability for you to decide your level of involvement in the fund’s activities


Contact us to e-mail: or phone (+420) 227 217 211


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